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April 29, 2021/Furniture Insights

April 2021 Furniture Insights

Furniture sales continue their strong upward trajectory with new orders in February up 34% over February 2020, marking the 9th straight month of large double-digit percentage increases. Also noteworthy is that this trend impacted 94% of the participants in our latest Furniture Insights.

April 26, 2021/COVID-19, Business Planning

Is Your PPP Loan Forgiveness Deadline Fast Approaching?

If you have received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan and have not yet submitted your application for forgiveness, your deadline may soon be approaching. The deadline to submit a PPP Forgiveness Application with your lender is 10 months after the last day of the borrowers covered period

April 26, 2021/Tax

Paper Filing? Expect IRS Delays

If you find yourself engaging with the IRS manually via paper – through returns, letters, or election forms – you are likely one of the 29 million Americans who are experiencing significant processing delays. As highlighted in a recent CBS News article, these delays are far-reaching and are mostly impacting anyone who does not use […]

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