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May 30, 2018/Furniture Insights

May 2018 Furniture Insights

New orders were up 2% in March and 3% overall for the year, according to our latest Furniture Insights.

May 18, 2018/Tax

IRS Exempt Status Revocation Issue

Is Your Organization Showing Exempt and Non-Exempt on the IRS Website? If you use a certain method for searching for your organization on the IRS website, you may see conflicting information regarding your exempt status.

How Tax Reform Will Impact Construction

How will the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impact the construction industry? We focus on the most important considerations for construction companies in the wake of this new tax bill.

May 15, 2018/Not-For-Profit

Spring 2018 Nonprofit Standard

What are the top six tax reform-related issues nonprofits will need to address as a result of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act? Find out this important topic, along with FASB changes and tips on how to read and navigate your NFP financial statements, in the latest Spring 2018 issue of the Nonprofit Standard.

May 1, 2018/Furniture Insights

April 2018 Furniture Insights

New orders up 2% in January 2018 according to our latest Furniture Insights. With April Market on the horizon, overall consumer confidence remains quite favorable and indicates further strong growth in the months ahead. Higher consumer confidence may not have a direct correlation on higher consumer spending, however, especially given recent volatility in the stock market.

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