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May 24, 2014/Not-For-Profit

Nonprofit Standard – Summer 2014

Many times local retail chains or restaurants ask customers to donate to a local charity with the payment of their restaurant bill or store purchase. Are these donations considered tax deductible contributions? The donation is not going directly to a charity. The donation is going to a business entity that will pay the donation to the charity on the customer’s behalf.

May 1, 2014/Furniture Insights

May 2014 Furniture Insights

According to our latest survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors, new orders in March 2014 were up 9 percent over new orders in March 2013. New orders were up 13 percent over February with one more business day in March. Approximately 62 percent of the participants reported increased orders over March 2013, up from 52 percent reported last month.

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