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October 31, 2018/Furniture Insights

October 2018 Furniture Insights

The news is still positive for the home furnishings industry, as orders are up 9%, which follows 3 consecutive months of 5% increases in our latest Furniture Insights survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors.

Trust is an Essential Building Block of Today’s Websites

When business use of websites began, getting noticed was the name of the game. Remember pop-up ads? Text scrolling up the screen? How about those mesmerizing rotating banners? Yes, there were — and remain — a variety of comical and some would say annoying ways to get visitors’ attention. Nowadays, most Internet users are savvy […]

October 26, 2018/Not-For-Profit

Fall 2018 Nonprofit Standard

Explore key trends and questions that impact the nonprofit industry in the Fall 2018 issue of the Nonprofit Standard, including if grants are subject to revenue recognition and guidance on contributions.

October 17, 2018/Business Planning

Could a long-term deal ease your succession planning woes?

Some business owners — particularly those who founded their companies — may find it hard to give up control to a successor. Maybe you just can’t identify the right person internally to fill your shoes. While retirement isn’t in your immediate future, you know you must eventually step down. One potential solution is to find […]

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