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November 2, 2023/Tax

2023 Taxable Fringe Benefits Reminder

As the end of 2023 quickly approaches, we would like to remind you of the importance of reporting the proper inclusion of common fringe benefits in an employee’s, officer’s, and/or shareholder’s taxable wages.

October 31, 2023/Furniture Insights

October 2023 Furniture Insights®

The October High Point Market was well attended, and the “mood” was very good. Great new product was shown and will eventually sell. We hope this “slow down” ends soon, but think one needs to be prepared to ride it out a bit longer than most probably think. Read more in our latest Furniture Insights®.

October 1, 2023/Furniture Insights

September 2023 Furniture Insights®

In 2024, we may return to more normal levels of the economy, but remember, it has always appeared that furniture business has felt the pinch early and is sometimes the last to come out of slow periods. Read more in our latest Furniture Insights®.

September 12, 2023/Press Release

Smith Leonard Ranks Among the Best Accounting Firms to Work For for the 13th Time in 14 Years

Triad firm is recognized by Accounting Today and Best Companies Group for the 13th time in 14 years.

August 31, 2023/Furniture Insights

August 2023 Furniture Insights®

Once again, the results of our recent survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors require explanation more than just a comparison. Read more in our latest Furniture Insights®.

July 31, 2023/Furniture Insights

July 2023 Furniture Insights®

As we expected, the results of our survey for May continued to indicate slow business. Read more in our latest Furniture Insights®.

July 5, 2023/Press Release

Smith Leonard Announces 2023 Midyear Promotions

Congratulations to our seven team members who received promotions effective July 1, 2023.

June 29, 2023/Furniture Insights

June 2023 Furniture Insights®

There is some good news out there and comments like “business can be described as good, not great,” make us believe that business has not fallen off like some expected it to do. Read more in our latest Furniture Insights®.

May 31, 2023/Furniture Insights

May 2023 Furniture Insights®

Current words to describe business are “slow” or “soft” or various other adjectives, none of which are very exciting. Large backlogs have kept many recording nice sales levels, but as new orders continue to be less than shipments, sales levels will soon decline as many have already seen. Read more in our latest Furniture Insights®.

May 8, 2023/Family Wealth, Tax

We May Never See a Better Environment for Transferring Wealth … Here’s Why

A unique opportunity to maximize the amount of wealth that can be tax-efficiently passed to heirs will expire at the end of 2025.

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