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August 31, 2021/Furniture Insights

August 2021 Furniture Insights

Positive news in our latest Furniture Insights, with new orders were up 7% in June 2021 over the 30% increase reported in the comparisons of June 2020 vs June 2019. Year to date, new orders were up 51% over the first half of 2020 and up for 94% of the participants.

July 30, 2021/Furniture Insights

July 2021 Furniture Insights

Orders continue to increase as the furniture industry continues to fight challenges of labor, backlogs, availability of materials, and pricing in our latest Furniture Insights.

June 29, 2021/Furniture Insights

June 2021 Furniture Insights

Our latest Furniture Insights continues to show growth in the furniture industry, with positive reports from the June market. But the good news is dampened by concerns about pricing, backlogs, and availability of key materials.

May 27, 2021/Furniture Insights

May 2021 Furniture Insights

Year over year comparisons become tough as we enter the period when the pandemic began shutting down businesses in 2020. In comparing with a more standard 2019, orders are up 40% in our latest Furniture Insights.

April 29, 2021/Furniture Insights

April 2021 Furniture Insights

Furniture sales continue their strong upward trajectory with new orders in February up 34% over February 2020, marking the 9th straight month of large double-digit percentage increases. Also noteworthy is that this trend impacted 94% of the participants in our latest Furniture Insights.

April 26, 2021/Business Planning, COVID-19

Is Your PPP Loan Forgiveness Deadline Fast Approaching?

If you have received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan and have not yet submitted your application for forgiveness, your deadline may soon be approaching. The deadline to submit a PPP Forgiveness Application with your lender is 10 months after the last day of the borrowers covered period

April 26, 2021/Tax

Paper Filing? Expect IRS Delays

If you find yourself engaging with the IRS manually via paper – through returns, letters, or election forms – you are likely one of the 29 million Americans who are experiencing significant processing delays. As highlighted in a recent CBS News article, these delays are far-reaching and are mostly impacting anyone who does not use […]

March 29, 2021/Furniture Insights

March 2021 Furniture Insights

According to our latest survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors, new orders in January 2021 continued the rapid increases compared to the previous year. New orders were up 27% compared to January a year ago, the same percent increase as last month. This marks the 8th straight month that orders were higher than the previous year.

March 12, 2021/Tax, Business Planning, COVID-19

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Becomes Law

President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) into law on March 11, 2021. Key provisions of this act allow for additional stimulus funds and is the 6th bill enacted by the federal government that focuses on COVID relief. Relief from this bill impacts both businesses and individuals and provides […]

COVID’s Impact on EBITDA

When buying or selling a company (now or in the future), it is important to recognize the impact that COVID has had on businesses. For most, COVID has had both positive and negative impacts on financial results. It’s time to familiarize yourself with the term EBITDAC (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization and COVID). 

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