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November 24, 2020/Furniture Insights

November 2020 Furniture Insights

More good news in our latest Furniture Insights as new orders in September were up 43% over September 2019 orders. This followed a 51% increase reported in August, 39% increase in July and a 30% increase in June. Orders were up for 91% of the participants for the month.

November 20, 2020/Tax, COVID-19

IRS Releases Guidance Regarding Deductibility of PPP Loan-Related Expenses

Based on the most recent IRS guidance on the deductibility of PPP loan-related expenses, the taxpayer is allowed to deduct expenses originally thought to be non-deductible on a timely filed return or can amend the return in the taxable year. Extending 2020 calendar year returns might be advisable for some taxpayers who will be applying for loan forgiveness in 2021.

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