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September 24, 2014/Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate Monitor – Fall 2014

A micro-apartment is generally considered to be a one-room, selfcontained living space. It is designed to accommodate sitting and sleeping spaces, a bathroom and a kitchenette, and it usually occupies between 150 and 370 square feet. In population-dense cities such as New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, the demand for such spaces is growing. However, builders face unique design challenges in making these smaller units appealing to prospective tenants. In order to develop these apartments, builders must balance efficient use of space, contend with handicapped and zoning regulations, while at the same time making the units energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing.

September 24, 2014/Not-For-Profit

Nonprofit Standard – Fall 2014

Six years after the start of the Great Recession, most not-for-profits (NFPs) are still trying to navigate through a troubled economy that continues to loom over most of the nonprofit sector. However, simply keeping the lights on is not the only issue facing NFPs. All nonprofits, including those with deep pockets and reserves for a rainy day, are likely to struggle with some of the following issues and their fallout throughout the remainder of 2014 and going into 2015.

September 1, 2014/Furniture Insights

November 2014 Furniture Insights

According to our recent survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors, new orders were up 8 percent in September 2014 compared to September 2013 and up 12 percent over August. New orders were up for just over 60 percent of our participants, the same percentage as August and down slightly from July. Obviously, most of those with increases reported fairly significant increases.

September 1, 2014/Furniture Insights

September 2014 Furniture Insights

According to our latest survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors, new orders increased 4 percent in July 2014 compared to July 2013 after posting a 5 percent increase in June. New orders increased for some 64 percent of our participants about the same as we reported in June. There was quite a spread in percentage increases versus decreases this month.

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