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October 31, 2019/Furniture Insights

October 2019 Furniture Insights

Orders are down 3% and shipments are down 6%, but mood and sentiment were strong during the latest furniture market, according to our most recent Furniture Insights.

September 27, 2019/Furniture Insights

September 2019 Furniture Insights

The 5 month long order decline trend finally ends with this month’s Furniture Insights, as orders are up 6% and shipments are up 1%.

August 29, 2019/Furniture Insights

August 2019 Furniture Insights

New orders in June fell for the 5th consecutive month according to our latest survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors.

July 30, 2019/Furniture Insights

July 2019 Furniture Insights

July results show a declining trend in new orders for the fourth consecutive month but consumer confidence remains positive, according to our latest Furniture Insights.

July 1, 2019/Furniture Insights

June 2019 Furniture Insights

April results show a continued string of declining orders, with 2019 results down 9% from the same time last year, according to our latest Furniture Insights.

May 29, 2019/Furniture Insights

May 2019 Furniture Insights

Signs of a slowdown continue as new orders are down 3% and only 42% of participants saw an increase according to our latest Furniture Insights.

April 30, 2019/Furniture Insights

April 2019 Furniture Insights

Business has begun to slow down, with orders falling 5% in February as compared to February of 2018.

March 29, 2019/Furniture Insights

March 2019 Furniture Insights

New orders continue their upward pace, with 8% growth since January of 2018. While positive, this does not tell the whole story, as only half of participants reported increases in our latest Furniture Insights.

March 1, 2019/Furniture Insights

February 2019 Furniture Insights

Mixed results for December as orders are up 7% overall, but only 45% of participants reported they experienced an increase. Overall for the year, orders are up 6%, showing an continued positive trend of growth for the furniture industry.

January 30, 2019/Furniture Insights

January 2019 Furniture Insights

Orders up 6% year to date and 3% year over year in our latest Furniture Insights. Consumer confidence is also down, but most likely due to the temporary shock of the government shutdown. Overall, 2018 appears to have been a good year in the furniture industry.

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