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September 30, 2020/Furniture Insights

September 2020 Furniture Insights

The July results of our latest survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors continued to show more and more improvements. The survey reflected a 39% increase in new orders over July 2019 following a 30% increase reported in June.

August 31, 2020/Furniture Insights

August 2020 Furniture Insights

Year to date, new orders were down 16% from the same period last year after an 18% decline reported last month, but there is positive news as June orders are 30% ahead of June last year. Also good news is that 73% of participants reported an increase in June.

July 29, 2020/Furniture Insights

July 2020 Furniture Insights

May business picked back up and was only down 8% from 2019, a 166% increase from April 2020 numbers. Year to date, orders are down 18%, but the hope is that June and July will continue to show improvement in our latest Furniture Insights.

June 30, 2020/Furniture Insights

June 2020 Furniture Insights

As expected, Furniture Insights results from April 2020 have shown significant drops in orders, with 100% participants reporting a decline. New orders in April 2020 were down 61% from April 2019 and down 52% from this March. The April results brought the year to date orders to a decline of 21%.

May 29, 2020/Furniture Insights

May 2020 Furniture Insights

As March stats emerged, the economic decline expected was felt across the furniture industry as new orders for March were down 29% from March 2019 and 23% from February in our latest Furniture Insights.

April 30, 2020/Furniture Insights

April 2020 Furniture Insights

February results are in for our latest Furniture Insights, with orders up 6% over February 2019 and year to date numbers up 4% over last year. About two-thirds of the participants reported increased orders ahead of the slowdown experienced by many, if not all, in March.

March 31, 2020/Furniture Insights

March 2020 Furniture Insights

January showed modest improvement in several categories, though still paling in comparison to the unusually high January 2019 numbers in our latest Furniture Insights. Overall positive results in furniture manufacturing, housing, and consumer confidence in January will likely give way to less favorable numbers as the March and beyond reports come to light.

February 27, 2020/Furniture Insights

February 2020 Furniture Insights

After two months of declining orders, December new orders ticked up 4% according to our latest survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors. Orders were down 8% in October and 5% in November, so it was nice to see the negative trend reversed.

January 31, 2020/Furniture Insights

January 2020 Furniture Insights

For the third time in four months, new orders were down compared to the same month a year ago in our latest Furniture Insights.

December 30, 2019/Furniture Insights

December 2019 Furniture Insights

Orders are down 8% according to our final Furniture Insights of 2019. Year to date, new orders are 2% lower than the same period a year ago.

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