Why Smith Leonard

Find your right fit.

Why should you choose Smith Leonard? What can we offer versus a national firm, another local firm, or even a position in industry? Here’s why we think Smith Leonard is uniquely positioned to offer you a great work environment:

  • People. People. People. This is our version of “Location. Location. Location.” At Smith Leonard, our people make the difference. They are the vehicles that drive our three core values of Access, Relationships, and Experience, and  they create our engaging culture.
  • We have a proven track record:  We’ve been selected as one of the “Best Firms to Work For” by Accounting Today every year since 2010.  And what’s so cool about this recognition is much of it relies on anonymous employee surveys to inform the results.
  • While our name has been in existence since 2007, our team members leverage the experience from our former existence as BDO, as well as other national firm exposure, to create a perfect blend of local culture and decision making with technical experience that rivals much bigger firms.
  • Because we are a mid-size firm and we live out our core values, you’re able to work side-by-side with partners, directors, senior managers, and others with years of experience. They have a desire to teach, and our associates are proud of how quickly they are able to gain experience and grow their knowledge base. This also means greater client interaction sooner.
  • As a result of a low partner to employee ratio, our people take on more responsibility more quickly. The result? They grow and advance at a more rapid pace than elsewhere. Working at a “local” firm no longer means you sacrifice the knowledge you would glean at a national firm. On the contrary, you often gain deeper and more diverse experience.
  • We believe that excessive travel has negative consequences for our people and the firm. We do not spend extended periods of time, or weekends, out of town. Specifically, 70% of assurance clients do not require our overnight travel, and 90% of the assurance client base is less than a two-hour drive. Therefore, you can be where you need to be – at home, enjoying life outside of work.
  • While we have a busy season like everyone else, we are serious about a proper work/life balance. You are given the flexibility to do what you need to do for yourself and your family, and the firm’s investment in technology and remote access solidifies this commitment.
  • As an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA and with our ability to leverage BDO International as the 5th largest public accounting firm globally, we have numerous opportunities to gain new experiences, access a variety of resources, expand our knowledge, and broaden our horizons.
  • You won’t sacrifice variety and the excitement of working on multiple clients with different needs in order to maintain a work/life balance. Many people leave public accounting because they need to find that balance, but then realize they don’t thrive in the monotony found in some industry positions. At Smith Leonard, we are different. Our team members have found that balance where you can prioritize family and enjoy life outside of work while still having the interesting engagements and career path of public accounting.

At our core, we believe happy employees make happy clients, which is why we are so proud of the team we’ve built together.
Are you ready to join us, too?

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