Employee Benefit Plan Commentator Summer 2017

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Members of Smith Leonard's audit and employee benefit team with a furniture clientLOL… ROFL… BRB…With the advent of social media, there has been a proliferation of new acronyms making their way into our everyday language. Even those who are not social media savvy may likely recognize some of these popular acronyms: LOL – Laughing Out Loud; ROFL – Rolling On Floor Laughing; BRB – Be Right Back. Similar to the world of social media, there are many acronyms pertaining to employee benefit plans (EBP).
This edition of the Summer 2017 EBP Commentator explores several EBP acronyms we believe would be beneficial for plan sponsors to understand:
  • RMD – Required Minimum Distribution
  • MEP – Multiple Employer Plans
  • HWC – How We Communicate
  • LUFTR – Latest Updates from the Regulators

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