CPA Office Space of the Future?

Not Your Daddy’s CPA Firm

Smith Leonard was recently featured in a blog post by Linville Team Partners on progressive commercial work spaces. Opened in May of 2016, our Winston-Salem office defies typical perceptions of the traditional CPA firm, so much so that we’ve internally started referring to it as “not your Daddy’s CPA Firm.”

Featuring graffiti art and a lime green shipping container as a reception desk, this space is light, bright, and airy with modern features. We share our floor with GEMCAP Companies and embrace the ability to share our office space with them.Our ability to use the common bar and friendship table area within our building’s first floor (occupied by our our downstairs neighbor Linville Team Partners) fosters camaraderie and fun, especially during our monthly Third Thursday happy hour social event for clients, community partners, and friends.

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